"One of the most soulful Sun Ra albums ever - very much on the Lanquidity tip, and done with a great mix of electric and acoustic instrumentation! The vibe here is really mellow, spiritual, and warm - and the album actually feels a lot more like a session recorded for the Strata East label than it does for Saturn! Keyboards pervade the session - electric piano and organ drifting around in moody, laidback lines - augmented by occasional vibes, bits of guitar, and some wonderfully well-blown sax solo work by Marshall Allen and John Gilmore! The title track "Sleeping Beauty" runs for all of side two of the album - and it's an amazing little number that mixes instrumental passages with some great mellow Roy Ayers-styled vocals. "Door Of The Cosmos" is a bit of a groover, and even gets a bit funky at times - and the album also features the laidback spacey number "Springtime". (Dusty Groove)
in stock | NL| 2008| ART YARD | 15.90

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