"supersoul is the champions! the bomb mitte hip hop department is incredibly proud to present to you ťsound clashŤ, one of the best hip hop tunes in years. super deep elastic bass punches and super pungent snare strikes and super nervous scratches are fighting with the super sweet female champion chorus and the super annoyed male complaints. omar clemetson a.k.a. supersoul left jamaica for miami where his jamaican roots found new soil in the form of florida´s domestic subbass and the flourishing electronica scene spearheaded by push botton objects, schematic and the like. supersouls music reflects, comments and fights this fucked up world _ music as a battle you can dance to. finally he visits bomb mitte not only handing over "sound clash" feat. judah manson, push button objects, dynas, skam2? and dj infamous but also a brand new version where he ravages vocals with pointed echo salvos. duck and cover." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2005| BOMB MITTE | 5.50

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