"*Debut release on this new imprint brought to you by Finders Keepers, Pre-Cert Home Entertainment and Boomkat, Dead-Cert is a brand new reissue venture with a focus on genuinely rare archival curiosities of early computer music, Art-Trash, non-pop and vinyl voyeurism which deserve to be heard beyond the closed ranks of vintage wax collectors. The intent is to give new life to sounds and art largely unheard and unseen, and in accordance with the creator's original wishes. The inaugural release illuminates a special moment in electronic music history: Suzanne Ciani's debut release 'Voices Of Packaged Souls'. The album was originally issued in a private press edition of only 50 copies for an art gallery exhibition in Brussels documenting a sound sculpture collaboration between hard material artist Harold Paris and fledgling electronic composer Susan (Suzanne) Ciani. This original limited gift / art-artifact is officially the rarest tangible recording of Ciani's music who is now recognised in the press as 'The Delia Derbyshire Of The Atari Generation" on account of her groundbreaking developments in the commercial evolution of synthesizer music as one of a small number of female composers in the field. Paris created an original mylar cover for the album, which is now an almost impossible to find collector's item, Ciani herself owns only a single copy from which this record was remastered and re-cut at Berlin's Dubplates & Mastering. Inspired by her studies and meetings with electronic pioneers Don Buchla, John Chowning and Max Matthews, 'Voices Of Packaged Souls' was created during the night shift at radio station KPFA where she had free run of the tape machines between midnight and 6am and presents an eerie array of altered vocals introducing ghostly, tape-manipulated radiophonics of a very personal and exploratory quality." (label info) back in stock
in stock | UK| 2012| DEAD-CERT | 23.90

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