"Takehisa Kosugi is an inter-media artist and performer who started his career back in the 60's in Tokyo. With his first band "Group Ongaku"(free anarchist-conceptual improvisations)he was introduced to the Fluxus avant garde movement. During the 70's he was a member of the mystical psychedelic droning rock band "Taj Mahal Travellers". He co-founded the band in 1969. Since the end of the 70's until now he has released several solo albums and commissioned works for events, sound installations. His album "Catch Wave" (1975)is an absolute progressive masterpiece, bringing Takehisa Kosugi's musial talent on territories usually reserved to Kosmic Krautrock." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2010| PHOENIX RECORDS | 14.90

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