"Tarkatak's Mormor seduces our ears with charming ease. Towards daybreak we find ourselves on a sea of sound stretching as far as our hearing can reach. Acoustic spaces open up, then slowly allow themselves to be filled with elaborately processed sound. Melodies celebrate their own birth and decay. Approaching dawn is wrapped in a haze of static. In the distance, mechanical oscillations herald early birds, and rocks beneath the surface cause sparkling intereference. The space is filled finally with a distant echo of house-music, and deranged and unending sound-loops describe in alien languages an impossible land where men and machines have a common heartbeat. At peace, we climb back on our raft and allow Mormor to carry us on its caressing waves towards the ever-receding horizon." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2007| GENESUNGSWERK | 11.90

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