"Appa - meaning "father" in Dzongkha - is Bhutan-by-way-of Asheville, NC guitarist Tashi Dorji's debut release for Bathetic Records. With Appa, Dorji paints winding and expansive images with both patient and dizzying guitar movements. Intricate and delicate, strong and poetic; Appa comes across as a record brimming with energy, vitality and life while expressing emotions of loss and strength and family and distance. While new to the Bathetic family, Tashi is a dear member with his bold brand of guitar playing. He is a player of beautiful detail and intimacy, at the top of his game and Appa is just the record to showcase this. Bathetic Records could not be more pleased to present it to you." (label info) comes with download code
in stock | US| 2015| BATHETIC | 20.90

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