"Selected realities' is a collection of captured, spatialised and composed sounds as discovered within unique sonic environments by australian sound artist Tessa Elieff AKA Tattered Kaylor. Each composition presents the observer with the audible identities of a time/place/space - as interpreted by Kaylor through immersive sound composition. The works provide a passage by which listeners experience an alternative to our everyday realities, causing us to question our observations we regard as being absolute. Spaces portrayed include underground drainways, Inner city multi-level stairwells and hidden basements - housing the mechanical organs as used to transform theatre configurations. Each space was chosen not only for the unique sounds as to be found within their boundaries, but also for their provocation of sound - the ways in which their architecture manipulates and interacts with the physicality of the sound wave. Sonic phenomena such as standing wave forms, resonances, beating and flutter are all objects of desire within the recordings and sounds have been captured and spatialised so as to portray these unique artefacts. Characteristics of environments are presented using blunt gestures. The visceral qualities of sounds are neither exaggerated nor swept aside but rather - brought to light - their brutal exposure proving to support the sonic reveal. Track listing: CD (Stereo): 1.Volume 4:22, 2.Drainbirds (Original Stereo Mix) 5:25, 3.Volume (Extended For Stairwell) 10:01, DVD (5.1 Surround): 1.Stairwell 2007 (Live recording with Lennart Katzwinkel) 10:13, 2.Drainbirds (Drain Recording) 6:42, 3.Samadhi Mechanism (5.1 Mixdown. Sound and Visual) 14:27." (label info)
in stock | AT| 2012| MOOZAK | 14.90

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