"Without a doubt, this new TBA Empty album is about the bass drum and absolute dance. This full-length release follows the Stupid Rotation 12"s, produced in collaboration with Thomas Brinkmann. This CD version includes all tracks previously available on the 12"s, plus tracks never-before released. Starting up with smooth 125 bpm and the voice of Winston Tong on "Tour" from his The Next Best Thing To Death (Is Resurrection), the next three tracks follow this theme up until "33 Pharell," the most "pop" track on the disc. Stupid Rotation then becomes more and more psychedelic due to Beridze's echoing voice. "Brain Is Gone" is THE representation of club culture at its best. "Stupid Rotation" celebrates rococo breaks and repetition for repetition's sake. The last track "Rocks" circles back to the beginning. Stupid Rotation is a delirious ride." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2006| MAX ERNST | 9.90

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