"The second series starts of with an explosion of improv and noise. Bassist Guy Saldanha creates a wall of fast rock phrases, deep drones and radio shreds that tbc alias Thomas Beck breaks or enforces with minimalist clicking and loud screeching from his feedback-mixer. The two to three minute long tracks are loud fusions of rock and noise, the two musicians floating two centimeters above the ground thanks to anti-gravity. Like the duo Intertronik (KNISTERN #1), an electric bass is played by one person and processed simultaneously by another. The duo tbc & Guy Saldanha though works more intensively with feedbacks: inside the mixer, and acoustically via basspickup. A CD-R by the duo, "Lieder für Bäume und Pflanzen", has been released on the Wachsender Prozess label." (label info) Numbered edition of 242 copies.
in stock | DE| 2005| KNISTERN | 6.00

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