"1988 LP. "Berlino" (For Mitsuko Natori) (1980-81). A compilation of prerecorded tapes, performed and recorded by Terry Fox made from soundscapes recorded in San Francisco (USA), Ličge (Belgium) and Berlin (Germany) between 1978-88. "Rallentando" (For Jürgen Glassmer) (1988) with Jan Van Riet and Paul Panhuysen on cello, Mario Van Horrik on double bass and Terry Fox on piano wires. Recorded live at Het Apollohuis, Eindhoven, Aug. 13, 1988. Mastered at Tango Studio Eindhoven, August 18, 1988. Issued with a full-colour insert (approx. 12" x 24", folded)." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | NL| 1988| APOLLOHUIS | 29.90

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