FURUDATE, TETSUO - (x). x is not a man or x is mortal (CD)

Tetsuo Furudate is a furious player of furious music. Although mostly known for his solo work, Furudate has also played with Zbigniew Karkowski (their duo album 'World As Will' was released in 1998 by Staalplaat and is still available). This solo CD was recorded in the hot summer of 1998. Furudate plays his blend of guitar, percussive and orchestral samples and metal strikes. Bombastic and filmic, yet with his own unique touch, seeking noise and silence, with counterpoints. Dark and unsettling, a soundtrackscore to a horrorfilm that hasn't been made yet. (label info)
in stock | NL| 1998| GODFACTORY | 5.90

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