"Tetuzi Akiyama - guitars. Johan Arrias - saxophone, electronics, no input mixingboard. Leo Svensson - cello, organ. Henrik Olsson - drums, electronics, piano. Artwork and screenprint by Peter Larsson. Mixed by Giuseppe Ielasi. Mastered by Daniel Karlsson. Produced by Johan Berthling. Album and songtitles are inspired by the lyrics of Moondog (Louis Thomas Hardin). Recorded in Stockholm 2006. Limited edition of 250 hand numbered copies. The cover is hand printed by its author on recycled covers coming from other deleted vinyl records. Only 125 copies will be available in retail and wholesale. The rest will be kept by artists involved in the project. The Swedish trio GUL 3 was formed in 1996 by Johan Arrias (saxophone), Leo Svensson (cello) and Henrik Olsson (percussion) and has since been making music in the borderland between composition and improvisation, acoustic and electronic, melodic and noise." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | PT| 2009| MONOTYPE RECORDS | 20.90

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