"Probably the most well-known figures in the international impro-scene hailing from Tokyo, Japan. They have toured extensively through the world leaving countless publications from labels worldwide. This is officially their first album as a duo based on three live recordings taken in Sweden and Austria." (label info) "Our way to create a record is based on the simple principle of direct-recording which means the shape and form of our music is basically created within one moment. It is not only about meeting in a studio to do the recordings, but to stay together at one place with a focus on creating music and concentrated listening each day. The isolation from other musical inputs and the reduced input in general, being far off from bigger cities, far off an everyday-live takes you to the point when you dont want to sound like something you know, you just want to search, experiment and play." (P.Kutin)
soon in stock - please pre-order | JP| 2009| SPEKK | 15.90

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