"Now the first longplayer of The/Das - "Freezer" - is released, on which they allow themselves to be more band than project. In a technoid frame they create - along with regulars Thomalla (Krakatau), Jörg Wähner (Apparat) and Gunnar Spies (Mia.) - a distinctly organic, in-depth soundscape. The/das have chosen an exciting path. After sending their previous band Bodi Bill into a break, Fabian Fenk and Anton Feist have tried a lot with their new project The/Das. At the same time they combined different musical approaches under one umbrella. Two EPs with techno tracks were released on Italys cutting edge dance-label Life And Death. For Tale Of Us, also on Life And Death, Fenk sang his distinctive vocals. The/Das travel half the world, perform - according to the context - as a band or merge their pieces into pulsating DJ-sets. The EP "Speak Your Mind Speak" with song-oriented material is released on Sinnbus. The corresponding remixes by Uffe, Benjamin Damage and Vaal on their own label Krakatau. More and more The/Das' style condenses and their subcooled and highly driving music grows. " (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2014| SINNIBUS | 17.90

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