"after two years in dark back alleys and stinking sewer systems and a terrific amount of money spent we finally dug up the last survivor of this mythical 30+ members east coast hip hop tribe, oddateee the obsessed: "labteks got together in 93...komplex was the soul producer and i was co producer we met up with d and them 95 and octopus mixed it in june of 97." one second later he disintegrates in a cloud of dark beats. the labteks recorded an album of sluggish sinister hip hop tracks that was never released. more than ten years after the unholy marriage of a bunch of sick producers and twisted mcees bomb mitte finally gives birth to the labteks' polyheaded child who's thievishly looking forward to "slaughter nuns with water guns." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2004| BOMB MITTE | 5.50

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