"What has come to be The Ocular Audio Experiment's debut album, "Spectro-Sonic Cosmic Gaze," was drifting the solar systems long before it found its form in sound. Thanks to the bizarre tunings of several space-case frequencies, "Spectro-Sonic Cosmic Gaze" has been captured on disc for the aural experience of Earth dwellers one and all. As the inaugural release of experimental, psychedelic label, Findings of The Other Eye, and the second released from Cologne, Germany's own, Quetzi Records, "Spectro-Sonic Cosmic Gaze" is a 45 minute radiation of 4 celestial transmissions mastered by ambient legend Richard Amp, of AMP. The album is limited to an extremely exclusive short-run of only 200 copies shared between both labels so see it while you can." (label info) comes in gatefold sleeve, with stickers. co-released with Findings
in stock | DE| 2009| QUETZI RECORDS | 12.90

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