"With their first "on-purpose" album, The Outside Agency come up with the full-length album which we need, but might not deserve, and certainly not expect. This duo comprised of DJ Hidden and Eye-D have regularly brought fresh sound to the hardcore scene and repeat this feat again. Crossbreed, dubstep, breakcore? All this (and more) is included in this wildly varying and still extremely focused and driven album. If there ever was somebody who could combine cleverness, depth and masterful production to such a relentlessly hard music genre, it was them. In parallel to their solo drum'n'bass output, these two musicians have released a slew of Eps which quite rapidly made them stand aside of anything one could hear as regular, stomping hardcore. May it by playing with uncommon tempos or time signature, infusing their tracks with both dark atmospheres and absurd humorous samples, or domesticating other music genres, The Outside Agency are the strays of the scene: presenting it what they want to do, and clearly not what they are expected to." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2012| AD NOISEAM | 13.90

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