"The Red Crayola's Soldier-Talk returns at last. Drag City Records are proud to announce that, after having been missing in action for twenty-eight years, this vital, much acclaimed work is now available again. Soldier-Talk appeared first on Radar Records. A custom label built around Elvis Costello, financed and distributed by WEA, Radar had licensed the International Artists catalog in 1978 and had already re-released the band's first album, The Parable of Arable Land, and first single, 'Wives in Orbit' b/w 'Yik-Yak.' Soldier-Talk was The Red Crayola's first new commercial release since 1968. Recorded after their second tour of Europe where they shared the highways with columns of NATO forces on the move in a rapidly heating Cold War, it reflects the world as it sat, awash in punk rock and its cognates, dreading mass destruction. Soldier-Talk is petit-guignol, a travesty of expression; its screams and sighs, a theatre of terror." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2007| DRAG CITY | 17.90

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