"The first release from the Renegade Masters camp from activist project 'The Source' is sure to become a central track in any record collection with a high dance value, sweet bass layers and punk ascetic. With both the a and b side borrowed from classic C64 game soundtrack to 'Target Renegade' produced by Gary Biasillo, the 8 bit chiptune vice embellished layers tied to a fire powered philosophical rhythm toast from The Sourceress aka Soom T ensure that both tracks amount to a waking up of the feet and minds of the nation via a decent sound system by all DJ's with a taste for whats good and right. 'What have I done' and 'Yeah Yeah Yeah' both created by borrowing and dislodging from the original 'Target Renegade' com 64 game again produced by Gary Biasillo to add to the impact of the notation being transmitted bowed to the newborn labels remit by resulting in an experimental punk excursion that threatens to force even the most cynical into the fold of the jedi. Remixes come from original electro punkster Patric Catani who turns in a remix of 'Yeah Yeah Yeah' and San Francisco's An-Ten-Ae of Muti Music who reworks 'What Have I Done'. All that plus the instrumental interlude re-made using a gameboy by FX champion Disrupt. May the source be with you!" (label info)
in stock | DE| 2011| RENEGADE MASTERS | 8.90

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