Repressed. "With the impassioned vocals of Iggy Pop -- rock 'n' roll's original untamed boy -- and Ron Asheton's lava-spewing guitar, the Stooges erupted from Detroit like a napalm firestorm. Their 1969 Elektra debut The Stooges is full of timeless classics like '1969,' 'No Fun,' and 'I Wanna Be Your Dog'; 1970's Fun House sealed the Stooges' place in history with volcanic workouts like '1970,' 'Down On The Street' and 'T.V. Eye.' Now available on 180-gram vinyl -- from the absolute original analog master tapes -- The Stooges and Fun House let you ride shotgun with these runaway sons of the nuclear A-Bomb." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2007| SUNDAZED | 20.90

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