TI-THO - TI-THO (LP & 7")

"Ti-Tho has been an early to mid 80's NDW-project by Marisa Calcagno and Thomas Stelter. The name Ti-Tho is a combination of Chrstina Marisa and Thomas. 7 exciting years between school and recording-studio followed. They both met when she was 13 and Thomas being the guitar-teacher of her friend Oliver with whom she had a band called "Tempelfreuden" (together with Markus Lipka and Johan Pop). One of the very first Fans and admirers was Alfred Hilsberg who back then was running the highly influecial ZickZack-Label and writing for Sounds. He produced and released their first 7inch and got them a deal with Polydor to release three more 7inches, one 12inch as well as a compilation-contribution on ZickZack and Polydor. An Lp produced in 1985 by famous producer Tom Dokupil (Wirtschaftswunder, Die Radierer, Die Partei) was never released and is still waiting for release. Ti-Tho had several TV-appearances, performances and even music-videos in the early to mid 80's. They even produced a musical called "Dodona" performed at the Planetarium Hamburg. A musical so unique and passionate, that Marisa would even perform it still today. Changing to a major-label pushed them into a commercial direction and need, suppressing their wonderful simplicity in sounds, their fantasies and artistic freedom and friskiness." (label info) edition of 200 copies
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2015| VINYL-ON-DEMAND | 23.90

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