"The CD was recorded in December 2008 and January 2009 in Osaka. I used my electric guitar-bass hybrid machine, essentially a piece of wood with two magnetic pickups, a bass string or two and occasionally an unwound guitar string. No effects, just an analog preamp. All reverb sounds are from springs and-or metal plates applied directly to the pickups. Everything was recorded in real time, with overdubs on only two tracks. There are no song titles, as the music is not programmatic and I don't wish to impose any interpretations on the listener. I usually play and record with others (recent recording and multi-performance pals include Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Shinichi Isohata, Katsura Mouri from Busratch, Joel Stern, Adam Sussmann; plus long-running duos with Jeffrey Allport, Bunsho Nishikawa and Kelly Churko), but in 2008 I had the opportunity to play a relatively large number of solo sets (in Japan, Australia and Singapore) and enjoyed the challenges presented by solo action - thus this CD." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2009| EM RECORDS | 13.90

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