"The Tobacconists are no other than Frans de Waard (some of you may have heard of him) and Scott Foust (some of you may have heard of him as well), both of them notorious smokers and versatile musicians. The first quality is aptly expressed in the design based on Russia's cheapest pack of smokes, Belamor Kanal: very nice indeed. The last quality is expressed aptly as well on this 7". The side called 'The dark serets of doctor Perati' is a kind of drony piece with long stretched synth sounds, but layered in that are all kinds of acoustic elements, varying from squeaking doors (?) to rythmic pulses and with a great ending! The other side, 'Prometheus', sounds more open and dynamic, alomst like a radioplay. The combination of both sides works well and offers a good impression of what these two smokers can achieve. Certainly just as good as their 3"!" (MG)
soon in stock - please pre-order | NL| 2008| PLINKITY PLONK | 7.50

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