Volker Bertelmann -- passionate, full-blooded, full-on musician (aka Hauschka and of Music A.M. fame); the other is Torsten Mauss (aka Twig), who adopts a more cold-blooded, measured approach to the job of enrapturing the world with music and design. Together they're unstoppable and, with the new Tonetraeger album, they have quite literally capitalized (upon) pop music`s innate potential: POP WILL AMUSE ITSELF! Driven by the desire for the good-old-wall-of-sound days and using the band format as their model, they enlisted Kreidler's drummer Thomas Klein and Tarwater bassist Bernd Jestram, in whose studio some of the tacks were recorded. This Is Not Here is brimful of ideas and allusions, moods and feelings.
in stock | BEL| 2004| QUATERMASS | 14.80

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