"Hailing from small town Santo Tirso in northern Portugal, Tropa Macaca are the duo of Andre Abel/Si mio Superior and Ju-Undo/Joana da Conceicao. After a couple of splits with like-minded brethren Fish & Sheep and CAVEIRA, "Marfim" ("Ivory") is their first full-length album. Utilizing various electronics (keyboards, assorted rhythm generators, processing tools) and employing supremely fucked guitar voicings, theirs is an improvised music, of its own school & therefore of complete danger. While you can draw parallels between Tropa´s sound and kraut stuff from the 70s (some Schulze, Goettsching), its been informed by various other music of old and recent times (see Black Dice´s new sound forms, Wolf Eyes homemade noise communication, grime/dubstep, raw house stuff) to create its own breed of psychedelic logics that are cultured by improvisation´s progresses." (label info)
in stock | BEL| 2008| m-/m-| RUBY RED | 8.00

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