"This 7" vinyl, with deluxe packaging, is the new experimental project by Trztn, (Flux Information Sciences). Both hilarious and disturbing, "Please Forgive Me" is an assault on assault rock. A collage equal parts Slayer, Malmsteen and Judas Priest, this is heavy metal beyond heavy metal, past plutonium to where the periodic table ends . Cut up, and hacked together like that awful corpse in the movie "Pieces"-- unmetered, unmelodious, unmerciful. It is John Oswald with a codpiece. The least visual of the arts, recorded music, takes on a cubist dimension in this treatment, like a shootout in a house of mirrors. It is the anti-Muzak. Is it farce? Is it fantasy? Is it a fart or a kiss on the face of velocity rock? Is it documentary? The world may never know. One thing is sure: There is nothing apologist about "Please Forgive Me". It is proof that, at long last, there is a theme song for ax murderers." White vinyl, limited to 700 copies.
in stock | US| 2002| PINKSOCK | 4.90

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