"The so-called legacy thing for MK1 Universal Indians which stretched from 94 to 97 (not 93 that all music states) was simple in the philosophy dept and may have a fools merit - Drudge up some riffs, words, jack the amps, over-distort the Rat pedals to the point of canceling itself out, throw it together for Jesse Harper executed by The Dead C, praying for a spot in the Twisted Village or Siltbreeze. And get real high. These four cuts are from 94-95, two live cuts, two prax sessions, John Olson kills the drums, Richard Ramirez hashes the riffs, the wah & mumblings. And there was another guitar lazily played by someone from somewhere doing something when she wasnt doing her homework. Limited to 300 copies on vinyl - the demon is finally at rest." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| KILLERTREE | 8.00

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