"Tampere, Finland has become quite the musical hotbed over the past few years. Staples like Avarus and Kemialliset Ystävät make their beds in the gnome-infested waters throughout the city. Uton is perhaps the country's best kept secret. Mystery Revolution is a sonic excursion through the Finnish forests unlike any other. Massive drones are balanced by the hypnotic dance of flutes, bells, and keyboards. Underneath everything runs a mind-altering stream of fuzzed-out brainwaves. Every corner you turn, there's another smiling nymph, begging you to follow the golden path into the mystic woods. Uton's minimalist rumblings are there to infect and enchant, and Hirvonen never fails to impress. The mask is off with Mystery Revolution, and Uton will remain shrouded in obscurity no more. This pine-scented excursion may be mysterious on the surface, but overall is a thing of beauty, lying in wait for the perfect time to infect you. Mystery Revolution is proof that Uton's dreamy soundscapes are one of Finland's finest exports." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| vg++/m-| DIGITALIS | 6.00

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