"Last year Planet Mu released 'Bangs & Works Volume1'. It was a carefully curated, first of its kind compilation of Chicago footwork, a style of music which is possibly some of the most genuinely future-facing, innovative new electronic music on the planet. Since the release of that album the attention paid to this little known local scene has increased drastically, so much so that Planet Mu were able to bring over DJs Rashad and Spinn plus footwork dancers for a tour of the UK and Europe. 'Bangs & Works Volume 2' brings the focus back onto Chicago's own producers, showing where the real innovation in the scene still lies. The album attempts to show different sides of footwork to Volume 1. Where the first compilation showed off some of the more hallucinatory and leftfield elements, Volume 2 has a wider remit, covering mad techno-style tracks such as DJ Metro's 'Tekno Bangz' or DJ T-Why's immense 'Juice' and 'Finished', to tracks that sound like Musique Concrete gone footwork, like Young Smoke's 'Space Muzik Part 3' or tracks built around long forgotten europop songs, soul and hip hop. The album features established producers who've come up through the juke and ghetto house scenes such as Rashad, Spinn, Traxman, Roc, Clent and the pioneer of footwork RP Boo, all of whom featured on the last CD, as well as younger producers, who are still making their way." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2011| PLANET MU | 14.90

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