"Feat. FX RANDOMIZ, SCHLAMMPEITZIGER, F.S. BLUMM, VERT, ANNE LAPLANTINE, GASTON, TAUNUS and including previously unreleased tracks by VANISHING BREED, SEMUIN, GUIDO MÖBIUS, MIWON, KINN and others. Before you approach this sampler, let us give you a few preliminary explanations: First of all, this is not a label compilation, but a publishing compilation (which is pretty similar). The label Emphase, which is affiliated to Autopilot (and which some people might remember for its conceptual series of 7"es titled "emphasolo") only serves as a vehicle, a vehicle for the first proper compilation of Autopilot Publishing. Probably only a few of our esteemed partners in the media will be aware of the fact that Autopilot is not only a pr agency but has also been the home of a music publishing of the same name for these last eight years. BLACKBOX is the first regular publishing sampler, complete with distribution and all that stuff. In compiling this album, Guido Möbius, owner of the Autopilot Publishing, let himself be guided by his curiosity. He was interested whether it would make sense to combine these very different musicians and their diverse music with whom he deals daily into a whole. What he realized was that not only does it make a lot of sense, but that it's also a lot of fun!" (label info)
in stock | DE| 2005| EMPHASE / AUTOPILOT | 10.90

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