"In the last 5 years, something bizarre has happened in the East part of Rome, the dirty and stinking capital of Italy: in "Roma Est" (East Rome) the crumbling and deteriorated neighborhoods which were already immortalized by Pasolini and Neorealist Cinema, have become the refuge for a motley fauna made up by immigrants, wannabe artists, bustling onlookers, and bohemian freaks. Alongside already known names in the European underground like Hiroshima Rocks Around and Trouble Vs Glue, new respected projects are appearing like Trans Upper Egypt, Grip Casino, and The Away Team. Typical "neighborhood characters" like Toni Franz and Wolf Anus, musicians and illustrators, have improvised together with fanzine artists like Massimiliano Bomba and Cheb Samir. Clubs like Fanfulla 101, Dal Verme and Alpacha, have become a kingdom of a noisy, colorful, clattering community. All within six square kilometers. BORGATA BOREDOM is the compilation that attempts to put together all of the different souls of this scene, and also to introduce them to the world outside of the nauseating and reassuring confines of the Roman borgata." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2011| NO=FI RECORDINGS | 12.90

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