"This 60's anthology presents less of the well-known commercial artists, but the real artists of the Underground Music and it's initial message, aims and overwhelming fascinations. With the background of the Vietnam War and racial conflicts in the USA, and the going ons in other industrial nations, the sixties initalised a massive movement of mainly younger citizens towards freedom and democracy, as well as a contradicting modernisation. This collection gives a fascinating inside view of these 60's subcultures, tells the complete history before Woodstock, all aspects and topics (anti-war, drugs, love, peace, revolution, freedom of expression, freak out, humour etc..) It presents song lines, which gave a new understanding of the music, which led life-styles and new perceptions." (label info) Feat. Jimi Hendrix, Lothar & The Hand People, Tiny Tim, Captain Beefheart, Country Joe & The Fish, Moondog, GODZ, MC 5, The Fugs, Exuma, Blue Cheer, Shel Silverstein, Pearl before Swine, West Coast Pop Art, Holy Modal Rounders, Kaleidoscope, Grace Slick & The Great Society, Tim Rose, Canned Heat, Chambers Brothers, Nina Simone and The Stooges. Booklet with a text by Martin Büsser (testcard).
in stock | DE| 2007| TRIKONT | 17.90

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