"Over a quarter of a century has passed since punk changed the world. Today the revival machinery operates at full speed. Johnny Rotten, former singer of the Sex Pistols, keeps a tryst with royal reporter Jenny Bond under the Australian sun, while European radios blare out "Anarchy in the UK" non-stop. But Punk was not a band, it was neither simply a fashion nor merely music. It was the last teenage movement that imaginatively and creatively declared a cultural war. In England and America hundreds of bands formed during the hot summer of 1976, putting weird haircuts and (often more than three) chords to good political use. Jon Savage, author of "England's Dreaming" (faber&faber), the ultimate book on punk, has compiled the secret and not so secret musical milestones. Those, that you still don't usually get to listen to on the radio." (label info) Feat. IGGY & THE STOOGES, ELECTRIC EELS, PATTI SMITH, THE RAMONES, THE SAINTS PENETRATION, DEVO, BUZZCOCKS, WIRE, RESIDENTS, THE GERMS, THE DILS, THE AVENGERS, THE DIODES, THE WEIRDOS, THE ZEROS, ENO & SNATCH, THE NORMAL, CABARET VOLTAIRE, THE URINALS, BIZARROS, METAL URBAIN, X-RAY-SPEX, SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES and THE ADVERTS.
in stock | DE| 2004| m-/vg+| TRIKONT | 8.00

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