""Memory is a funny thing. 10 years after touring the UK with the Feedback: Order from Noise tour I am trying to recall the concerts that I experienced in some sort of trance. There I was, the youngest member of a group of musicians that consisted of a mixture of good friends and musical heroes, apparently the curator of this musical adventure, ravaged by self-doubt. Would it all work out ? Now, ten years later my memories have been altered every time I have thought back to those days, every time I looked at the photos that Sarah took, every time I listened to the recordings that have spent a decade on an archive hard-drive. Anything that is written here is filtered and might be untrue. Memory is a funny thing. Nevertheless the recordings have stood the test of time for me, 2004 was a good vintage for feedback music. Today dozens of experimental musicians describe feedback as their 'instrument' of choice. Time to release the recordings. Time for another feedback tour ?" With Knut Aufermann (feedback matrixer, fm tx, hearing aid, customised electronics), Xentos Fray Bentos (unstruments), Nicolas Collins (Hilbert transform backwards electric guitar, assorted circuitry), Alvin Lucier (binaural microphones, birdcall), Toshimaru Nakamura (no-input mixing board), Billy Roisz (video mixers, feedbackcam, audible video devices), Sarah Washington (Sektion Physik Elab, feedback phone, open circuit no-tape machine), Otomo Yoshihide (turntables, guitar). Tour produced in 2004 by Ed Baxter for London Musicians' Collective. " (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | RU| 2015| MIKROTON RECORDINGS | 36.90

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