"This CD brings together lost naďve psychedelia, beguiling and unreleased film music, spooky nursery rhymes, songs about pixies and trance-like guitar oddities. Some of the music found on this CD is unreleased, some impossible to find, all of it is stunning. This really is unlike any compilation you have heard. Includes work by Basil Kirchin, the man who invented ambient music - the recording here has never been released and comes from his estate. Barbara Moore is one of the most highly collected female singing artists, and Orriel Smith is a great lost American singer who composed these two psychedelic, progressive, jazzy tracks with funky film composer Philip Lambro - these tracks have remained lost until now. Reg Tilsley, Pierre Arvay and Claude Vasori are all extremely talented library composers both in the UK and Europe." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2007| TRUNK | 15.90

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