"Spring 2006 was both cruel and exciting. Radiating hot Helsinki nights, too much light and vivid, restless dreams about Music. While chucking down a glass of cheap brandy in a local bar the idea finally materialized: 'Let's start a record label!' A label that would bring people together ? proud people; people thinking about Music; people doing their own thing, in their own way, in their own basements. And most importantly, people who understood the meaning of s p a c e between notes. After 5 years, 16 vinyl releases, close to 100 tracks and 44 artists from 13 countries it goes without saying that those restless dreams became reality. We would like to express our interplanetary gratitude and uttermost love to the whole Harmönia family: artists, deejays, promoters, record shops and especially all the late night freaks shocking the plankton to this shit. Thank you. May God bless us all." (label info) One of Skweee's major forces, Harmnönia, turns 5 years old and releases a rather tasty double vinyl album to celebrate their birthday! Expect new and exclusive music from Eero Johannes, Coco Bryce, Rigas Den Andre, Wankers United, Ben Butler & Mousepad and many more.
in stock | SE| 2011| HARMÖNIA | 19.90

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