"Following the huge success of the first volume in 2009, the long-awaited 'Cajun/Zydeco Vol. 2' is finally here! The long wait was not due to a lack of inspiration, but rather to the creator's diligent research, and as such this awesome second volume has taken five years to come together. The result is a rich compilation of rare gems, some of which had never been pressed onto vinyl since their original release! The LP represents a trip into the South of Louisiana, where this music - a blend of worlds and traditions - took shape at the beginning of the 20th century. It's a selection of tracks from the past, featuring local legends (Nathan Abshire) and unknown craftsmen (Jimmy Peters), who all, in their own way, have left their indelible mark. Waltz, two-step, one-step, blues, the record pays tribute to the unique blend of European dances with African rhythms. Each track has been weighed up for its historical as well as for its musical interest. A combination of melodeon and, for the Zydeco side, button accordion, triangle, rub board and fiddles. This LP comes with sleeve notes and a magnificent poster from one of the masters of Cajun fiddle, Dennis McGhee. Presented in a silk screened cover and limited to 1.000 copies." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | CH| 2015| MOI J'CONNAIS | 20.90

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