V.A. - I/D/V 01 [TURNTABLES] (7" - USED)

"A series of 7" records of 1 minute tracks and lock grooves. Focus of each volume is on one particular instrument and on the ways in which invited artists address the specifics of duration as defined by the given format. Duration here is not considered as a mere quantity of time, but as the subjective relations that we establish within time's dimension. Twelve participants to the first two releases contribute one minute-long track and two locked grooves (of 1.8 seconds at 33.1/3 rpm). Each record has six 1-minute tracks and twelve locked grooves. Either approached as open works of art or just as dj tools, the records in this series straightforwardly demand an active mode of listening. The first release, I/D/V 01, engages the very idea of turntable as an instrument, as defined by a world-spanning selection of avant-garde turntablists. Opening track is Lary 7's minute-long piece, excerpt from a performance in which a vinyl cutting machine was fed with the sound of the room's ambience, in order to generate a feedback loop. The collection features tracks also by Joe Colley, Busratch, Toshio Kajiwara, Tommy Birchett and Dieb13. Letterpress printed sleeve with dry deboss on fabriano rosaspina. Edition: 400 numbered copies." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2009| UNFRAMED | 5.00

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