"Featuring an exquisite international line-up of some of the most revered Folktronica and IDM musicians from around the world, including Japan's Haruka Nakamura, Akira Kosemura, aus, FJORDNE, UK's Dom Mino', me:mo of China, hearts+horses (previously known as park avenue music) from US, Federico Durand from Argentina, Singapore's aspidistrafly and Malaysia's flica, the numbers here are laced with the same magically trails of ethereal tunes that is mü-nest's usual forte - the soft enthrallments of simplicity, the courting sounds of delicate moments and the charm of immaculate tranquility. This remixed gem of a compilation is created by pairing ten of these internationally venerated artistes into 5 groups, and with each group, a cross remix of works between the artists. Thus, as the album title suggests, these musical, winged tales glides side by side as each piece is transformed and recreated with the most riveting, delightful touches, leaving the most subtle but transcendent ripples with its layers of tinkling electro-acoustic hook lines, soul-tripping ambient, electro-infused dreamscapes, captivating rhythms and cutting-edge noise pop, created with the infusion of original beauty and renewed sensibility." (label info)
in stock | MAL| 2009| MÜ-NEST | 12.90

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