"Moozak's first release, simply entitled MZK#001, provides an overview of the arists and musical styles present in this first year of Klub Moozak - a monthly event series founded in 2007, that focuses on experimental music between ambient, noise, improvisational music, electroacoustics, phonography, microsound, musique concrete and beyond. The label MOOZAK was born as a logical consequence to this event series, and aims at sounding the borderlines of musical expression. All tracks presented on this compilation are products of artists that already played live at Klub Moozak, and none of these tracks were published before." (label info) Feat. Strangelet, Gedi, Musik aus der Batterie, Analogsat, fAbia, Griefer, Quartz, Rinus van Alebeek, Laminadyz, Tsing Tse, Taos Hum and Dirac.
in stock | AT| 2010| MOOZAK | 12.90

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