"For a long time I wanted to do this, but always thought of it too late: a tape dealing with the arrival of new year. So many christmas tunes and never that many for new year. So I asked my closest friends if they have something. Bertin brings us a cover of one of those tunes, played on his casio keyboards, Slo Fi takes a look at the 'Mailcop - Muzak' cassette from so many moons ago and Freiband has a break. That's the party side of things and on the other side we have more introspective tunes by Wouter Jaspers, The Tobacconists and Freek Kinkelaar. Available before the new year starts and likeable in all seasons. This tape comes without a cover - oops. And is limited to 100 copies" (label info)
in stock | NL| 2010| KORM PLASTICS | 8.90

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