"When we venture to launch the first Latinameriska volume it was a very complicated task. The selection of topics was very angry because not many cuts to choose we considered forced inclusion of both its quality and its disregard for many Jamaican music lovers. Following publication of the first compilation, and in the great reception obtained, the solution was obvious: make a second album. Therefore, we followed the same guidelines as the previous volume, and therefore even more of the repeating groups (Tońo Quirazco, Ronnie Montalbán...), as we believe that his career is full of great songs that deserve to reach all and be enjoyed. Others appear here for the first time as is the case of Teipus or Rebels, which show little treasures that will delight fans of Desmond Dekker, or LosYorsy's and Donald, who came to publish their 7''s internationally. In fact it was Donald's version that Spanish group Los Mismos made a very successful hit back in the seventies. While we plan of further volumes we highly recommend Spanish Vampisoul label compilation "Skanish Sound" that will keep your hips shaking. And as in the previous compilation, ghost theme for outstanding students in the class. Enjoy it!" (label info) limited edition of 300 copies
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2013| QUILOMBO | 18.90

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