"First edition of 10 reel to reel tape boxes. Emtec PER368 reel to reel tapes from new old stock are used for this exquisit edition. Stereo playable at 9.5 mm/s with every consumer tapemaschine. The original tapebox houses in a handcraftetd cardboard slipcase. Handwritten typography artwork by Tina. Contains different inserts. w/ Sturclub the Siemers Voran Duo, Solanaceae Tau, , Neuropäpste, Seeheimer Kreis, Foeten mit Floeten, Stundenlohn. A compilation of very different musical styles. From spoken word and kitchen noise to haunting persian beats and NDW like minimal tunes." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2010| EIGENBAU RECORDS | 24.90

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