"What we have here is two CDs of loveliness, one relaxed and one more up-tempo. The whole package is enjoyable from start to finish. This deceptively simply titled album conceals a devilishly complex and ambitious musical construction as you would expect from the mind of the man Yokota. An absolutely unique trawl through the Lo back catalogue which manages to span much of its expansive breadth to create a dizzying aural collage that delights and intrigues. Mixed in Yokota's unique free-flowing style and featuring exclusive tracks by Yokota and others this an album sure to find favour with Yokota and Lo fans alike. The first CD (black) features mainly vocal tracks while the second CD is a very different beast focusing more on Lo's uptempo electronic output. Featurings include THE CHAP, TOOB, LUKE VIBERT, CURSOR MINER, ALEXANDROID, RED SNAPPER, ROTHKO, KINGS OF WOOLWORTH, EUROPA 51,THEODORE on the first and HAIRY BUTTER, THE CHAP, CURSOR MINER, MILKY GLOBE, PIER BUCCI, SECONDO, FOUR TET, SCSI 9 a.o. on the other. Of course also featuring some tracks of SUSUMU YOKOTA himself..." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2006| m-/vg++| LO RECORDINGS | 8.00

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