"A companion album to the Cherry Red book JOURNEY TO A PLUGGED IN STATE OF MIND, an introduction to 100 Years Of Electronic MusicTracing the early experiments of the synthesiser in movies and into commercial music Featuring the sounds of room sized computers, early rhythm generators and cognitive ideas of many men in white coats Includes the earliest recordings of Zappa favourite Varese, the exceptional SongOf The Second Moon and Raymond Scott's early experiments into synthetic sound." (label info) Song Of The Second Moon - Tom Dissevelt/ Kid Baltan / Sonik Re-Entry - Tom Dissevelt/Kid Baltan / B.C. 167 - Raymond Scott / The Rhythm Modulator - Raymond Scott / Forbidden Planet Main Titles (Overture) - Louis + Bebe Barron / Ancient Krell Music Louis + Bebe Barr / The Synthesis Of Music-The Physical Characteristics Of Musical Sounds The Sounds And Music Of The Rca Electronic Music Synthesizer / The Synthesis Of Music-Excerpts From Musical Selections - The Sounds And Music Of The Rca Electronic Music Synthesizer / MR. ONDIOLINE - Jean Jacques Perrey / MR. ONDIOLINE / MR. Ondioline / Mr. Ondioline / Study No. 1 - IBM 7090 Computer / Noise Study - IBM 7090 Computer / Intăgrales - Juilliard Percussion Orchestra / Density - Rene Le Roy / Ionisation - Edgard Varčse & Juilliard / Octandre - Ny Wind Ensemble
in stock | UK| 2011| OTHER SOUNDS | 6.90

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