"NACHTJOURNAL 2009 is a collection made up of concerts from the experimental music events series of the same name in Cologne. The album confirms satelita's undogmatic policy for presenting the many various facets of the experimental music scene. NACHTJOURNAL 2009 contains everything from Adachi Tomomi's Improv-Collages to the virtuoso DJ sniff, rhythmic layers by the Institut für Feinmotorik as well as turbulent Krautrock by KORO feat. Olaf Rupp. But NACHTJOURNAL 2009 is more than just a document. From the initial mass of material, tracks have been selected which follow independent aesthetic principles but still retain an inner logic. This is what unites such seemingly disparate projects as the deep throbbing drones of the Multibassorchestra, the energetic drum editing of Eli Keszler and Clare Coopers' and Chris Abrahams' improvisation. With cello, electronics and voice, Audrey Chen and Robert van Heumen show how naturally interaction between analogue and digital instruments can be. The highest level of abstraction on the CD is reached by FLICKR: light artist and musician Michael Vorfeld made the sound of lightbulbs audible, while Uli Böttcher processes the sounds on laptop. The electro-acoustic sound which defines the CD is also evident in the bands that don't use electronics at all. Even the song based music of Ignatz adds purely instrumental passages to his composition. And last but not least quiet pieces by Miya Masaoka, Ex-Caroliner Jorge Boehringer and the Cologne based duo PIRX show the lyrical side of contemporary music. Presented in a lavish wooden packaging, including an illustrated comic by Andrej Gorokhov, NACHTJOURNAL 2009 is an overview of electro-acoustic, instrumental and digital music beyond any familiar patterns." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2010| SATELITA MUSIKVERLAG | 12.90

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