"A collection of Austrian underground, new wave, postpunk, minimal electronics, industrial from 1978-1989. All songs selected here have never been available on CD before. From the golden age of avantgarde music. In addition, we bring you 5 bands from today's scene who keep the new wave style alive. 37 songs total, 37 different bands. Includes many much sought-after artists like Zyx, Astaron, Monoton, Pasepartout, Peterlicker feat. Pita Rehberg, Plastix, Ronnie Urini, Rassemenschen helfen armen Menschen, Westblock, Sternenstaub, Gary Danner, The Vogue, Molto Brutto, etc. New bands: Kreisky, Collapsing New People, Squishy Squid etc. Comes with 8 page full colour booklet with many band photos and information about the bands. A must-have for every fan of 80's music! " (label info) Limited edition of 700 copies
in stock | AT| 2010| KLANGGALERIE | 23.90

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