"Nine track compilation between hard electro, industrial, drill'n'beat, noise and breakcore compilation - an extreme mixture. But that concept gives the name 'Polymorphik' a deeper sense. Artists featured are: MICKAEL MANTECA from Liege who produces electro/industrial style music. Appeared already on the belgium Roulette Rekords. CROTCHET are two very young eastbelgium artists who release their first track on PuZZling Records. CROTCHET is like MICKAEL MANTECA and RONY & SUZY member of the La Madame Avec Le Chien-Posse. NOIZE CREATOR, the labelowner of Suburban Trash Industries and Bohnerwachs Tonträger, had releases on labels like Ambush, Zod, Klangkrieg, Tigerbeat6 and countless more labels. RONY & SUZY are two young eastbelgium artists too who released their debut on Ex Nihilo Records. Planned is an E.P. on Dead Mind Records later this year. ETSCHABERRY is another talented artists from Liege, responsible for the Ex Nihilo Records imprint. DINO FELIPE from Miami [Florida, USA] is a young and disconcernting artist known from his releases on Schematic Records. UNDACOVA is a young producer from Ghent who already released on labels like Pleemobil Rec, Mirex and Dyslexic Responses. E25 CORPORATE are two belgium activists who did the A.L.F. material on PuZZling Records a while ago. SUBSKAN is known through his releases on Ambivalence and Mirex. And finally the notorious XANOPTICON from Pittsburgh, a young destroyer of sound. With releases on Hymen, Mirex, Peace Off-sublabel Mutant Sniper and Tigerbeat6." (label info)
in stock | BEL| 2004| PUZZLING | 10.90

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