"In 2004, Tokyo's PSF and Osaka's Alchemy labels, twin pillars of the Japanese noise, punk, psychedelic, whatever underground celebrated two decades of against-all-odds paradigm deformation, world domination, and unrepentant synapse mangling. To commemorate the occasion, two joint concerts were held at The Doors and Super Deluxe in Tokyo, bringing together luminaries from both labels in a celebration of freedom spirit and independent thinking. Some of the most exciting music from these concerts arose out of audacious and inspired one-off collaborations. Thus, thoughtful free guitarist Kazuo Imai joins pro-wrestling noisicians Incapacitants in the volume tag-team to end them all; Kan Mikami and Jojo Hiroshige get together to compare buzz-cuts and one-man against the universe philosophical approaches; and Junko (of Hijokaidan) researches upper register oxygen levels with alto terrorist Masayoshi Urabe; and trembling late night atmospherics are deep-mined to sensual and sensitive effect by Go Hirano and Maher & Majikick stalwart Takashi Ueno. A true testament to the multi-faceted beauty and creative power of the Japanese underground." -- Alan Cummings.
in stock | JP| 2005| PSF RECORDS | 21.90

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