"TOMLAB is ten. The present landmark compilation shows how eventful this past decade has been for the label. Whereas other labels are struggling for an identity and recognizibility of the brand, Tomlab has always preferred restless development and research. With this approach the international player has achieved a really unique position: a poignant label profile based on a heterogenous roster. Where is the balance between unpredictability and label sound? How does endless search for innovation translate into corporate identity? PUPPY LOVE might be the answer. Regardless of the diversity of the tracks compiled here you can grasp a common sense or understanding of pop music. An understanding that reflects the restlesness and the concentration that is part of the way Tomlab is working as a label. The sound of Tomlab is NOW and points to the future. THE BLOW and HEY WILLPOWER are opening this compilation with a blink to the charts and NO KIDS are keeping up with an amazing ease in a rather strange Bollywood excursion. Then follows a club track by MISHA, a perfect prankster action hit from KHAN and a hysteric hypnotic track from LES GEORGES LENINGRAD. This list could be continued in any order - in fact all contributions seem to stick together magically, the big bracket that is holding everything together is what makes Tomlab. The singularity of the Tomlab artists has led to widly acclaimed artists like FINAL FANTASY, THE BOOKS, PATRICK WOLF and most recently to collaborations with DEERHOOF and ERASE ERRATA who both are represented with exclusive contributions that were previously only available on 7 inch format. You can sense the belief of the label in the newcomers like NO KIDS and MUNCH MUNCH - the lust for adventure in running a record company. The willingness for risk and achievements." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2008| TOMLAB | 5.50

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